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Square Grid Post-it Note Pads


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    Capture your thoughts instantly with our Square Grid Post it Note Pads. Designed for creators, planners, and everyone in between, these note pads combine the legendary 3M Post it Note adhesive with a clean, grid pattern that's perfect for personalizing with your unique designs.
    Each 50-sheet bundle of Square Grid Post-it® Note Pads comes in 5 sticky sizes for big and small ideas.
    They have the 3M Post-it Note adhesive that won't peel on its own but will come off easily without leaving stains.

    .: Material: 75.2 gsm white uncoated paper
    .: Available in 5 different sizes
    3x3, 4x, 4x6, 8x6, 10x6
    .: One printed side, one design on all sheets
    .: 3M Post-it Note adhesive
    .: Branded Post-it Note backing sheet
    .: Each note pad includes 50 sheets

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